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Spa Day
Spa Body Therapies
Spa Body TherapieS

Target the areas that concern you most with one of our luxurious, results driven body therapies. Relax, Balance, Detoxify. All of our healing rituals use pure ingredients from land and sea combined with essential oils to renew and refresh the body and mind.

Salts Massage

Inspired by Native American Wellness traditions, this amazing body treatment begins with a dry brushing exfoliation all over the body, then the ritualistic application of 7 sacred essential oils along the spine. After balancing the body, we follow with a detoxifying moor mud wrap, during which we balance your feet with the same 7 sacred oils. After you’ve soaked in your wrap you’ll take a steamy shower, rinsing away the mud with warm water and toweling off lighter and rooted, more balanced than you’ve ever felt! We finish this treatment with a hydrating moisturizer for the whole body. 60 minutes


Beginning with a salt scrub, we then apply a warming organic CBD oil mask all over the body to heal and balance as well as reducing pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression. A steamy shower follows, enhancing the restorative effects of the oil. A hydrating CBD lotion seals in moisture to prolong the healing effects of this treatment. 60 minutes


Our version of a healing salt glow experience, we start with a whole body smoothing scrub to slough off dull dead skin. Then you will enter a dreamy, cozy steam shower with our Body Brightening Cleanser infused with grapefruit extract. After your shower, you will be massaged with Body Firming Lotion, Body Nourishing Oil and our Body Silk Soufflé. This exotic blend of oils, extracts and butters deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin, brightening and nourishing from the inside out. 60 minutes


This body wrap detoxifies, smooths and firms the appearance of cellulite, beginning with an aromatherapy coffee scrub polishing the skin to a satin finish. Our seaweed body mask is rich in iodine, a natural trace mineral. Iodine is a vital part of keeping the metabolism running efficiently. As the body absorbs iodine throughout the treatment, thyroid function will be enhanced to aid in a slimming effect. After the wrap a steamy shower follows, then your body is generously moisturized with oils, extracts and protein-rich contouring lotions to further combat excess weight and cellulite. 60 minutes


Our serenity experience includes anyone of our spa body therapies tailored for you and combined with a one hour full body massage. Our therapist will consult with you to help decide which treatments will be most beneficial to you at the time of your visit. 120 minutes

*30 minute massage can be added to any spa body therapy
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